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Intermittent Catheter

A urinary catheter is a medical device designed to conveniently empty the bladder when a patient is unable to do so themselves. Intermittent catheters are used to manage bladder drainage in cases of urinary retention, bladder obstruction, and neurological disorders that cause paralysis or loss of sensation.

Straight Catheter

Straight catheters are part of intermittent catheterization, the periodic emptying of the bladder with a sterile catheter each time a person caths. This allows catheter users to prevent dangerous UTIs. Vast Medical Group provides gentle catheters with smooth, fire-polished eyelets to cut down on the instance of urethral trauma that can cause the formation of scar tissue or strictures.

Closed System Catheter

The Closed-Kit System prevents and often resolves repeated UTIs as well as other types of infections. This method is the safest form of catheterization because it is the most sterile. The kit comes with supplies to ensure that the catheter does not come into contact with any bacteria before entering the bladder.

Coudé Catheter

Coudé catheters are similar to straight catheters, but have a slightly curved tip used to navigate around obstacles like enlarged prostate or urethral strictures. Men typically use coudé catheters.

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